About Us

Prevention is more affordable than cure!

Established in March 2009, Vaccine Center (VAXCEN) Inc. is a Filipino company engaged in promoting awareness on the importance of vaccination. Being the Philippines’ only vaccination services company which offers special vaccination packages with easy payment schemes to clients, VAXCEN caters to various institutions such as schools, corporations, factories, religious groups, cooperatives, homeowners, among others.
Our extensive knowledge on vaccination services is a plus factor, with our vaccination services being administered by our staff of experienced medical professionals. Our vaccines are all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered and are supplied by reputable manufacturers from all over the world.

VAXCEN is also a Filipino social enterprise that provides affordable vaccinations to low income families. It is the first and only vaccination company that is successful in offering “easy installment payment plan” accessible to the poor especially those who are unable to send themselves to hospitals or private clinics. It targets those who do not have their own physicians, so they too can be aware of the preventive benefits of vaccinations.